Awareness Campaign Part 3: Timeline and Metrics

Publish Schedule

Foster WA is an annual strategic campaign that culminates with a gala event at the end of the year to raise funding and build awareness for the foster system in WA state.  Based on grassroots, this event can utilize local public government and educational cable channels to produce interviews, monthly magazine that concentrate on the topics of fostering system issues and solutions. The longest, perhaps most mentally intensive piece would be an annual investigative journalism reports that zero down on specific issues and provide clear and sound strategies for solutions on the topics of foster system in Washington State and societal approaches and solutions that are already available for research.

At the end of December (sometime after Thanksgiving and before holiday season) a culminating event, such as the Annual Foster WA Gala would be televised and broadcast to the world via the internet with dinner and award ceremony for sponsors, friends, supporters, and employees of the WA state foster system.  This event is similar to Big Hero Gala or CNN Heroes Awards

Channels (e.g. Facebook or other social channels, radio PSA, Google Adwords)

Facebook, website, twitter, video/radio PSAs, all should take their place in the annual strategic calendar.

Main campaign message or title

Name: Foster Washington – annual strategic campaign

Message: Not every family raises a child but every child needs a family.  Raise our kids WA.

Campaign Theme: Every child deserves quality care and family! Raise the children of WA well by providing quality foster care and permanent home placement.

Campaign hashtag: #RaiseOurKidsWA

The main call to action

Foster care system is in a dreadful condition, that means the needs of our most disadvantaged children in the State of Washington are getting ignored.  Save a life, plant a seed of hope, support your kids and help us reach the goal for every kid in the system, present or future, to get a good family and a quality permanent placement.

Call to action for sponsors:

    • Sponsor an Individual child or a family for recognition at the annual event.
    • Contribute to the Foster WA campaign become the recognized change agent in your community
    • Contribute to the foster system in Washington State and get featured in the gala event

Call to action for educators/academia:

Contribute to research and be a part of the annual field research team on solving the current issues of the foster care system in the State of WA.

Call to action for journalists:

Investigative reporting and journalism opportunity within the foster system of the Washington State that currently has major needs in funding and revamping of its antiquated and often overloaded systems. Your investigative reporting will get a chance for a spotlight at the statewide gala event, introducing your quality journalism piece to a very respectful cause.


Success Measures:

How would know if your campaign was successful? The strategic calendar helps to determine a schedule for social media, asset production, research, and gala preparation.  The success is measurable through consumption and retention metrics, quantifying the involvement of the audience through page views, unique visitors, downloads, form completions, link clickthroughs, and other elements of the metrics, such as the number of subscribers, followers, and the number of page visits.

Ultimately, the culminating event Raise Your Kids Washington Gala, its attendance as well as for analytics of social media, website, and assets distribution would determine the overall participation and the interest of the audience.


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