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Hello, my name is Mikhail Oparin.

I was born and grew up in Angarsk, Russia, the town in the Eastern Siberia, some 100 km away from Lake Baikal. Currently I reside in the Portland/Vancouver area.

The purpose of the blog is to serve as a practice portfolio for my masters program at WSU’s Edward R Murrow College of Communication. Here you may find information on topics on strategic communications, multimedia design and creation, PR and effective communication practices.

My goal is to graduate this program in hopes for advancement in my profession within public relations and strategic communications field.

Aside from my professional development, I am a family man, I love to go hiking and camping, I love video art. One of my favorite artists is Bill Viola – his art is captivating, thought provoking and simply amazing.  I also enjoy working on house improvement projects, go to the movie premieres and hang out with friends.

Portfolio Index

Below is the archive of links to my Strategic Communications Courses taken at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication:

  • Multimedia Content Creation
  • Creative Media Strategies and Techniques
  • Persuasion for Professional Communicators
  • Crisis Comm in Glob Contexts
  • Ethics for Professionals
  • Research Methods for Professionals
  • Professional Digital Content Promotion
  • Consumer Behavior and Brand Development
  • Professional Marketing Communication Management and Campaigns
  • Master’s Capstone

For additional access to my portfolio pages, I added a widget menu at the footer of my website.