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Mikhail is a strategic communications professional and a long-time resident of Vancouver, Portland Metro area. Mikhail is looking for an opportunity to expand his career goals aimed at public relations, strategic communications, marketing, and campaigns.

This site exhibits projects of strategic and responsible advertising, public relations, corporate communication, crisis, and communication management, executed by Mikhail.

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My name is Mikhail

Hello, folks, welcome to my website.

Who am I? What is my path?

I was born and grew up in Angarsk, Russia, the town in the Eastern Siberia, some 100 km away from Lake Baikal. Currently, I reside in the Portland/Vancouver area.

My Education.

In May 2019 I successfully graduated with a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication (3.97 Grade Point Average). I completed my Masters at the WSU’s Edward R Murrow College of Communication Global Campus. This website exhibits projects and writings on strategic and responsible advertising, public relations, corporate communication, crisis, and communication management, executed by Mikhail. I have published selected works on the topics listed in the Portfolio Index page.

What do I do?

Currently, I am a graphic designer at the prepress office of the Ricoh Print Services for Kroger/Fred Meyer Corporate headquarters in Portland OR. My goal is to expand my career deeper into the field of strategic communication.

Social Marketing.

In 2010 I participated in a WSU Vancouver DTC Program classroom project to uplift digital communication for local homeless family shelter.

During 2012 and 2014 I was an investing partner in a project that employed US Veterans, their families, and caregivers. As a technology officer, I worked to provide solutions for social media, web design, training and technology support. I participated in company research for court reporting and litigation support industry technology.

In 2014 I volunteered as a graphic designer for an annual report of the local non-profit mental health and substance treatment organization. In 2018 created an animal rights movement brand. I also generated an awareness campaign “Foster Washington” with the tagline “Not every family has a kid but every kid needs a family.” The goal of this mock campaign to increase awareness in order to improve the Foster Care system of the State of Washington.


My professional goal is to secure a career within the field of communication, advertising, public relations and/or corporate communication. To achieve my goals, I set the bar for a larger substance and higher scope. My goal is to get involved with an organization to increase the social good of the world from an ethical and humane perspective.  I strive to contribute to progressive ideals, reduce poverty, violence, greed, racism and class warfare.

I am still discovering my path.  So, I welcome you to join my path, as I am looking forward to witnessing yours. In the end, I hope we both achieve the full potential to increase the good in our society.

Last but not Least.

Aside from my professional development, I am a family man, I love to go hiking and camping, I love video art. One of my favorite artists is Bill Viola – his art is captivating, thought-provoking and simply amazing.  I also enjoy working on house improvement projects, go to the movie premieres and hang out with friends.


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