Ricoh Level-C Customer-Brand Strategy Part 3

Brand Identity:

Brand Values.

Per 2018 Sustainability Report, Ricoh’s value drivers are its technological strength, close customer connection, responsible environmental management, and human resources create value and further enhance the Ricoh brand in the eyes of its customer.

Brand Personality.

Ricoh Brand Communication Guidelines define its brand personality through three creative principles that are closely aligned with the 80-years of the evolution of Ricoh as a brand.

Close. Active. Unlimited.

These are the three creative principles that are fundamental, transformational and aspirational (respectively). Consequently, the brand concept for the Level-C Customer must align with the same principles to reinforce the brand and its principles through communication with the customer.

Brand Attributes.

The brand is not only a trademark of the company, a logo, or a typeface. Ricoh, as a brand strives for relevancy with its customer, differentiating itself from competitors through active communication and the ability to see an opportunity in accommodating customer’s needs.

With today’s vastly changing environment of emerging economies and the global market, the transformation process never stops. It grows and evolves through increased globalization, growth and emerging economies. Ricoh customer’s business environment is always changing as management focuses on all aspects of the customer’s business environment, from logistics to cutting costs, to ensuring compliance with local municipalities and federal regulations. Often it is never clear what the customer is expected to want. Therefore, Ricoh has to do its own research to evaluate the needs and compare them with what the customer wants. Ricoh’s mission is “To imagine change, to create something different, something better — to deliver smarter ways to work.”

“True to the company’s promise of continuously empowering business and digital workplaces, Ricoh Philippines’ products and services stood out in the country’s biggest trade shows.”
(Brand Magazine, 2017)

SIVA: Solution, Information, Value, Access.

SOLUTION. Taylor solutions to the needs of the customer. Utilizing Ricoh’s worldwide resources, meet customer expectations and continuously identify potential needs through feedback. Operating globally, enhance supply chains with the latest innovations, enhanced manufacturing methods and provide cost-competitive offerings to the customer. Strive for customer-centric innovations that promote sustainability.
INFORMATION. What information needs to be delivered. How, where and when? Customer First Center shares customer feedback with design and manufacturing units.  Customer First Events on Ricoh’s Foundation Day shares the delivers the response to feedback. Weekly newsletters or magazines reflecting the feedback from the customer. Digital channels provide a wealth of information to support the customer inquiries through the web, social media, intranet, direct contacts, on-site soliciting for feedback.
VALUE. What does the customer get? Cost vs. Benefit Customer centric culture of Ricoh focuses on customer and their needs.  Value drivers such as Technological Strength, Customer Engagement, Sustainability and Environmental Management as well as Human Resources capabilities described in the Ricoh’s Integrated Report 2018 reveals the value of Ricoh’s products and services to the customer.
ACCESS. How to access the brand and its benefits easily and on their own accord. Operating worldwide, Ricoh has built a global network with 4 branches of company headquarters (Japan, Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific) covering over 200 countries (see map below). Global production hubs, enhanced manufacturing operations, delivery services, that provide highly cost-competitive offerings and immediacy to the customers. Ricoh’s supply chain, customer satisfaction websites, Ricoh’s publications, on-site staff are ready to answer any questions a customer may have in mind.


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