Ricoh Level-C Customer-Brand Strategy Part 2

Describing Ricoh’s Customer.

Ricoh’s services and solutions drive change and improve business processes. The scope of customers consists of federal government agencies, insurance agencies, higher education institutions, legal and corporate accounts.

Within the Federal government, Ricoh offers information digitization, data security, integration of mail services, document and content management and managed print services. With healthcare services and solutions include offers on improving care quality through connected care, streamlines administrative efficiencies through content management, workflows, forms management, enterprise output, prescription printing, asset lifecycle, fax and scanning solutions. With the higher education industry, Ricoh offers services that enhance college experience, university workflow optimization, and high-tech campus technologies. Ricoh legal services and solutions offer workflow management, litigation support, document processing services, cost recovery, advanced legal workflows, and IT services.

In addition to the above listed, Ricoh offers a highly scalable solution to corporate/commercial accounts, providing managed services to enterprise accounts, offering specific to the customer services and specialized knowledge. This is a focal point of this strategic proposal.

“Customer benefits underpin all of our decision-making. From product development through manufacturing, sales, service, and support, we constantly seek to provide new value that puts customers first.”
(Sustainability, Integrated Report: Value Drivers, Customer Contact Capability,

The Ricoh way (founding principles of three loves + mission + vision and value) provide a great foundation to building partnerships with its customer, based on mutual trust, fair trade, while promoting social responsibility across the board.

Many of the Ricoh’s enterprise accounts consist of well-recognized brands, such as Amazon, Nike, adidas, Kroger, just to name a few. These are high profile global, national or regional retail commercial accounts that utilize Ricoh’s managed services.

All of the above-listed company-clients have many challenges within global communication, logistics, technological development, minimizing costs of production and maximizing company’s responsible and sustainable business practices, while focusing on their target audience and staying true to their stakeholders and their ultimate customers, just to name a few.

The concept of the Level-C Customer Service is to address those challenges. A strategic approach using SIVA (Solution, Information, Value, Access) discussed in the Brand Concept section is highly relevant in the process of developing the value proposition for the executive level customer, concentrating on the demands of the business, not just providing a list of services and features. But first defining the customer is addressed.

Level-C Customer.

A customer who is an executive key contact of the company-client, capable to make executive-level decisions, implement organizational changes across the board is the key target audience of this strategic brand communication project. Who is Level-C Customer persona?

Level-C Customer Persona.

CEO, COO, CTO, CMO, CFO, CIO. A Man or a woman, holding a “Chief” title of his or her organization. Multi-science major, studied at a top tier school of the country, graduated at the top of his/her class, has a global outlook, understands how the company operates, knows many ins and outs of the company and where their organization needs fresh oxygen or what needs must be addressed.


The inventive approach to logistics focus on accuracy, customer service excellence, the immediacy of problem resolution. Continue to provide cost-effective products, while keeping up with the quality expected by the customer. Expand growth into digital, promote mobile technologies, expand into emerging markets, promote cultural and societal causes.


Declining already developed markets, product innovations, logistic and technological challenges. Environmental sustainability, customer data management, marketing, and merchandising and market share with competitors, customer relations, public relations, identifying and approaching the new trends.

Imagined Solutions:

Offer communication services, provide opportunities to creative marketing solutions at cost-effective rates, increase operational savings, provide technology and global infrastructure for logistics and technical support. Offer new mobile technologies, integrated content design, and management systems, intranet, IT and database management solutions.

Sphere of Business:

Ricoh’s sphere of business include office printing (multifunctional printers, copiers, laser printers, digital duplicators, wide format, facsimile, scanners, related parts & supplies, services, support and software), office services and solutions (personal computers, servers, network equipment, other related IT services, support and software, managed and creative services). Ricoh’s business domain also include commercial and industrial printing, thermal media and other, such as optical equipment, electronic components, semiconductor devices, digital cameras, industrial cameras, 3D printing, environment, and healthcare.

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