Ricoh Level-C Customer-Brand Strategy Part 1

In order to stay competitive within the market, to become the most trusted global company, Ricoh is committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability. Customer and Brand concept must be defined in order to develop a Customer-Brand Relationship Strategy.

The three core business objectives that drive Ricoh’s brand communication to its customers are “awareness, sales, and advocacy,” paired with six tactical strategies (Attention, Evaluation, Recency, Proximity, Value Exchange and Community). Tactical approach for customer engagement plan is defined using Satells Objectives Model.

The company’s approach to growth in part includes five major principles that concentrate on the volume expansion and scale of operations expansion in an effort to focus on profitability. The first step in building customer engagement framework is to translate those objectives into the context of Level-C Customer product and services for Ricoh’s most valuable B2B Customers. The primary mission of Ricoh is to “Empowering Digital Workplaces.”

The specific challenge within this context is to determine the motives behind the customer contact with the brand. Strategies for each objective are evaluated and defined. Particularly, the challenge is to determine the motives behind customer contact with the brand. The potential touchpoints to look for is within the scope of products and/or services provided by Ricoh.

Customer engagement framework is defined through the customer’s potential touchpoints, determined by the value and strategy for Level-C Customer Communication. Ricoh must consider the valuable attention of its audience as an opportunity to engage with its primary audience of business executives.

The digital platform for Level-C Customer Communication is Ricoh’s most fitting existing digital channels: LinkedIn and Ricoh Global Website.

Strategic Media Engagement Plan is defined. Empowering Digital Workplaces through Ricoh’s innovative technologies and services enables individuals to work smarter. Ricoh’s current initiatives target a wide range of customers in a variety of industries. This paper considers three touchpoints. First is a product ad, second is a white paper, third is a service featuring campaign.

Three objectives and their respective strategies (Awareness, Sales and Advocacy) are synthesized through Strategic Media Plan, developed and aimed at communicating the Empowering Digital Workplaces around the world for Ricoh’s new line of the audience defined as Level-C Customer.

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