Reading Response to: “Search is too important to leave to one company – even Google”

Search engines becoming very important in our lives, our news, our education, and even politics are dependent upon the searchability of the subject we search for.  As Dewey’s, rigid structure of categories has its flaws because once the ingredients are mixed, you can’t go back and undo what you already mixed in to the bowl.  In a digital world we don’t need categories, all the things could be just piled up in one folder.  It is kind of like digital communism, every file is equal and has no hierarchical importance to any other file on the internet.  Except when we are talking about one company owning all the accumulated information, how powerful does it become…  The idea that Google saves every single piece of information I ever entered into their search engine, makes me think “what if I am being watched by the big brother?”

The fact that what we can and can not see when we search for answers demands transparency.  But Google is not dependent upon advertising for having its searchability, so the question then takes different turn… do we risk exposing a great algorithm of let’s say Google search engine by making it public transparent and then get slammed with advertising capitalism invading our very “private” relationship with the search box…

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