Thoughts on my blog organization

For the blog organization assignment I first decided to give it a name that is the same as the class, this way the reader is able to understand why I am talking about the subject.  Secondly I devided the blog entries into two categories: one is classwork and another is homework, one is meant to be done in class such as class projects and exercises, and another was given to us by the professor to work on outside of the lecture time.

categorization is probably not the hardest part of this assignment, after all, we are categorizing only two types of work in class and outside of class.  I could probably divide the class work on couple more categories, such as lectures and exercises. The homework category can be subdivided further into assigned reading response, and other material responses.  But the major part is not the categorization.

The challenges I see in categorizing my work sum up to one thing – tags.  How do I choose tags, what tags should I choose, and how many tags should I have for each entry.  To identify how and what kind of tags I choose is probably not the hardest thing in the world, one basically has to know the subject he or she is writing about.  But that is just in theory.

In reality I feel that I am going to spend a whole lot more time then I expected.  Do I have the same tags for both categories, or do I separate them into class work tags and homework tags, or do I not pay attention to the categories, and instead, concentrate on the topics for each individual entry.

I also need to consider that my tags should be understandable to the readers of my blog, so, I would probably have to look around the site to see how people are tagging their blogs and learn from the community.  I guess I am going to be wait for the lecture this Friday to get a better understanding of the word press and how this blogging site actually works in order to successfully conclude the task.

In conclusion, I used tags as index items for each entry to create a set vocabulary that promotes the main idea of the blog and guides the reader to the information he or she is willing to read about.  Also, the larger purpose of this blog is to introduce the new perspectives on the contemporary topics about electronic media and the techniques that help to organize, retrieve, evaluate and understand the digital realm of information and electronic research.

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