Digital Content Promotion Final Report

For this semester-long assignment the task was to generate original social media, PR, and advertising campaign elements for a single real or fictional company, organization, event, or initiative. The choice was made to promote existing business for a real estate agent and his partnership.

First the problem challenges and opportunities were defined for the campaign and its audience. Followed by setting of goals and objectives to raise awareness and brand-audience communication in order to increase business.

Audience Personas were developed. SWOT analysis conducted for the agent to define the areas of strengths and weaknesses, along with customer decision process table, core messaging, 5 W’s and digital assets were developed.

Digital campaign strategy was defined, offering introduction, executive summary and Community of Interest analysis and overall campaign goals.

Further campaign metrics were created and displayed to provide analysis on what worked and what didn’t. This report concluded with campaign reflection and insights.

Click on the image to view presentation:

Lewallen Home Properties

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