• Search Griffin Catalog
  • Clicked advanced search tab
  • entered word <mendeleev> into the first tab under <Any Field:>
  • In Limited to list I picked the following: Location: <ANY>; Material Type <ANY>; Language <English>
  • the search result came back with three results:
    the descriptive data of the Highly relevant title entree is important to have in order to perform a successful search
  • clicked on a MARC Display:
LEADER 00000pam  22003494a 45 0
001    53796860
003    OCoLC
005    20050118042833.0
008    031119s2004    nyua     b    001 0beng
010    2003025533
020    046502775X
040    DLC|cDLC|dYDX|dYBM|dNTE
042    pcc
043    e-ru---
049    NTEI
050 00 QD22.M43|bG67 2004
082 00 540/.92|aB|222
100 1  Gordin, Michael D.
245 12 A well-ordered thing :|bDmitrii Mendeleev and the shadow
       of the periodic table /|cMichael D. Gordin.
260    New York :|bBasic Books,|cc2004.
300    xx, 364 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm.
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. [318]-357) and
505 0  Elements of the system -- The ideal gas lawyer -- Chasing
       ghosts -- The great reaction -- The imperial turn --
       Making Newtons -- Disintegration.
600 10 Mendeleyev, Dmitry Ivanovich,|d1834-1907.
650  0 Chemists|zRussia (Federation)|vBiography.
650  0 Periodic law.
856 41 |3Table of contents|u
       ecip0411/2003025533.html|zOnline access for everyone for
       Table of Contents
907    .b31738679

in conclusion:

The search is only as intelligent as the person who searches for the subject,

there are two measures of search accuracy:

Relevance – are the results that I get any relevant to the search

Recall – the percentage of all relevant items that are returned.

Knowing how we are doing a search and what are we searching for does make a difference

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