Class work: Lab on delicious, bookmarks, tagging, comparing, and searching

I have chosen to add local multimedia production houses both public and private to my list of bookmarks on delicious.  When compared my tagging to others I found it interesting that mostly our tags matched one another.  For example: Portland Community Media website has tags that reflect geographical location, type of business and type of productions, for example: MEDIA, PORTLAND, DIGITAL, EDITING, COMMUNITY.

There are also differences between the tags which reflect on the amount of knowledge about a particular company.  such as PEG tag may not be applied by a regular TV viewer.  But for a person who understands what PEG is (Public Educational Government grant that is collected by the local cable company and funds distributed as non-operational funds for PEG access Television in the local community).


Searching for community media networks came up with a variety of results in delicious, BUT what I was hoping to see… was simply not there.  For an average user a simple search to find something particular like what I was looking for may not be easy.  I now better understand the searching and tagging, and I believe in this particular field (local multimedia production companies) there is not “enough” people (locally) out there who are aware of what they are doing.  I think delicious is a GREAT promotional tool that would raise the level of awareness of the (let us say) local community studios and production houses that play a huge role in the development of our community.

I searched for public access, for government television, for government access and pretty much came up with the same general results for google as for delicious.  PCM, MECM, and TVCTV.

in GOOGLE: i used the same search words and came up with a different results all together, but not too different though.  for example, when searched for “community media networks” it came up with the top results all taken by this one company who probably is trying hard to tag the hell out of its website so the search engines pick it up and put it up on the top.  AAAA effect.  but when I added a word Portland to it, I was immediately taken to the top three searches that were the same as in delicious.

Asking what is that we are searching for and how does the search engine is searching it.  Google searches “everything” delicious searches for “popular stuff” or “filtered” or “user-added”

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