Class work: Comparing PsycINFO and Google search engines

searching for “educational system in America”

Google scholar: came back with the result of 3.2 mil. hits.

CSA web: came up with 249 publications


Google: searched instead of “Find articles with all of the words” i used a different field to “Find articles with all of the words with the exact phrase” which narrowed their result to about 245 articles, yest CES web showed a structure to the searched results.

CSA WEB: showed scholarly journals, peer reviewed, books and chapter essays – it clustered the subject into categories that could help narrowing the results to a specific area – books, journals, or peer reviews.  CSA showed the Database and Descriptors field to the right of each search hit.


database field in CSA Web showed PsycINFO – database

descriptors: taggs that further would describe the subject of the article, and by reading those, one can make sense of what is in the article.  Goggle does not provide those.  here is where PsycINFO and Google part ways.


further searching on the subject: i tend to like Google scholar for its “quickness”  – i just typed up the phrase and was able to narrow the topic to my subject.   adanced search in PsycINFO is meant to be searched by the professionals who know the vocabulary better, I would probably find myself not able to orient myself through the searched results.

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