Class work: lecture notes on organization vs. access

in a pre-digital technology, its archival practices are fairly nice.  When we are trying to store something digitally, how do we store it?  are we using drives, are we using CDs, DVDs, etc.  Digitally stored file is a great way to back something up, but the technology is also evolving and today’s files are more or less going to become obsolete in a few years.  What is it that we want to back up is important to understand in order to know who to back it up.  Not only digital is a great way to store something, it is also an easy access advantages.

On the other hand there is no guarantee, if archeologists excavating the site of WSU Vancouver, there is no guarantee that they will find anything.

there is no guarantee that the way we access our information today is going to be the same in the future.

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