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Becoming a foster parent for the kids in our own community is the right thing to do. Not many are aware that there is an extremely large amount of kids in our own state of Washington who are in need of a home, family, better future.

Foster Washington is a grassroots effort to support the foster care system of the Washington State. Due to the multitude of problems arising from the low funding, limited staff, high demand and low foster parent turnout causing the vicious circle that decays the system even further.

Foster Washington is an annual campaign that implements its strategic calendar through multiple channel media promotion. Foster Washington raises awareness, provides research and investigative reporting. At the end of the campaign year, a gala event promotes the Foster Care system, raises funding and recognizes the foster care success stories in the community.

Current State:

Foster Care in Washington State needs help:
● Lack of communication between fosters and caseworkers
● Overloaded caseworkers
● High number of children in the system
● Low respite reimbursement rates
● Lack of support
● Low foster parent numbers


There are already a lot of organizations at the grassroots level able and willing to provide support to the foster system of Washington State. Organize a movement to create a better way to intake kids after their removal, provide an individual analysis, and begin to look for permanent placement from the very start.

State provides education and licensing for foster parents. Increasing recruitment and promotion of the program is the key feature that would alleviate the need for foster parents and eliminate the lack of community involvement.

What We Do:

Develop and implement programs and services that provide support to families, protect children’s well-being. Support placement and permanency for children in out-of-home care. Child Safety, Fostering, Adoption.

Community begins from its family unit. Children’s Administration provides the net for those who have fallen through the cracks. The state is in need of its community to get together and make our community stronger for every child.

● Sponsor individual child or family
● Contribute to Foster WA campaign become the recognized change agent in your community
● Contribute to the foster system in Washington State
● Receive recognition at the annual gala

● Submit your research and be a part of the solution by contributing to the annual field research team on solving
the current issues of the foster care system in the State of Washington.

● Your investigative reporting will get a chance for a spotlight at the statewide gala event, introducing your
quality journalism piece on a very respectful cause

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