Awareness Campaign Part 2: Messaging and Creative Concepts



Washington foster system is overloaded. Many children are without families, there are not enough foster families to take care of the kids, state workers overloaded and existing foster parents are stretched thin to provide a good environment for kids. Budget is limited and not enough money to cover expenses on all fronts.

Vision: Every Kid Should Have a Family

Mission: Inform, Impact, Inspire


A) Campaign Theme, Goals & Objectives:

Campaign Theme: Society begins with the family.  Perhaps not many people aspire to raise their own child, to care for him or her and to contribute to the child’s development and well being. Parenting is a tough duty.  But every child must have a good home and family to increase the potential for their success in life and become a contributing member of our society. Raise the children of WA well by providing quality foster care and the path to permanent home placement.

Campaign Objective(s):

    • Raise awareness on the issues of the current foster care system of the State of Washington.
    • Increase the number of classes to educate on the foster care system as a whole, teach the best practices and offer licensing options.
    • Increase the number of homes providing quality care for foster children in Washington State.
    • Organize funding campaigns to increase the budget for the foster care system of the Washington State.
    • Promote foster parenting and adoption of state of Washington foster care children.

Call to action:

    • For organizations and individuals, volunteers and supporters, who want to help or sponsors, or provide funding the message is as follows: “Washington State kids are our kids – help raise our kids in Washington State. Foster a family to foster the future of Washington. Support a family – help WA reduce the rate of kids without families. Ways contribute to a tax incentive:
      • Sponsor a particular program with the State
      • Sponsor a particular foster family
      • Sponsor a particular foster child
    • For families and caregivers who want to participate in foster or foster to adopt program:
    • Help your state to raise a child – become a licensed foster caregiver today.  The state paid tuition and paid foster care providers as well as paid respite care.

B) Campaign Message Profile:

One more success in foster parenting and or adoption is one more personal success for the parents. So parenting can be a rewarding experience on a personal and a social level too. Washington state kids are our kids.  Let’s help our kids to find a good home and family and let’s not let our foster families fall through the cracks of the system.

Main campaign messages outline:

    • Possible hashtag ideas: #childrenWA #familyWA #fosterWashington #ittakesavillage #goodhomewa #fostercareWashington #fundkidsWA #raisemewa #RaiseOurKidsWashington #TogetherWashington
    • Tagline: Not every family raises a child but every child needs a family.  Raise our kids WA.
    • Campaign theme: Raise the children of WA well by providing quality foster care and permanent home placement.
    • Keywords and phrases that best align with campaign ideas: Foster Care Washington, Quality Foster Care, Good Homes for Every Kid, It takes a village, Permanent Placement, Family for every child, Together Washington, fund a foster family, fund a foster kid.
    • Strategy: The audience not only must be informed and educated on the issues and options but also persuaded to help the Washington State foster kids who are in great need.
    • Tone: The campaign must be serious but happy and upbeat.  It needs to be honorable, respectful, and carry the feeling of CNN Hero Awards or HBO’s Night Of Too Many Stars benefit.  Both events are a culmination of a long term campaign.
    • Salient points: Every Kid Should Have a Family and we, as a community must stand together to help the foster system of Washington. Our mission is to Inform, Impact, Inspire

C) Customer Engagement Plan:

The campaign has an annual cycle, beginning with daily posts and sharing of information on social media, useful links to the sites, explanations, and solutions, as well as soliciting for opinions on Facebook and collecting analytics to understand what articles and posts and types of engagements worked best with the audience, while at the same time promoting the culminating event at the end of the year to raise funding for the foster care system.

Initial contact should be done through Facebook ads and TV advertising.  Once the customer is aware and wants to know more, Facebook page, the website with a blog. Lastly is the ability to sign up for the membership that has the benefit of enrolling for discounted tickets to the annual gala and more detailed information and access to white papers and other in-depth contacts.

D) Creative Concepts:

A combination of earned, paid, and owned media should provide a field of coverage adequately throughout the campaign.  The paid social media ads and a series of sequential TV ads perhaps need to be scheduled more frequently for the fundraising benefit event.  But the Facebook page posts, articles, and tweets should continuously and regularly saturate the conversation online to highlight issues individually and provide links to the articles that give a set of options on how to contribute to the issue




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