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This was fun! I have not used Soundcloud for about 5 years and today I had a chance to practice some audio editing… I know, it is a little generic, since I have over 15 years of audio/video production and DJ experience. Nevertheless, it was refreshing and educational.


Tutorial #1 (Part A): Original unedited counting recording (out of order)

Below you can see my simple voice recording, for which i used my iPhone to record the countdown in random order. Then I uploaded the file and imported the asset into my Audition application.  I cleaned up the start and finish and uploaded to the Soundcloud:

My next step was to create a simple 2-track recording with counting 1-10 and music theme in the background. First I added the music asset to the project, I then edited the count in order, followed by splicing with the use of simple fade transitions and audio level adjustment to manipulate the sound where voice count 1-10 is the main track and music is the secondary track.

Tutorial #1 (Part B): Edited counting recording (counting in order with the music background)

Of course, I had to read my numbers with a bit of enthusiasm and added a little climax spot towards the end of the mix, by pausing my count before number 10 and centering the music track around that spot so it paused at the same time before I finished the count and music began to fade out.  I had to splice the intro to make it flow better instead of entering into the sound track from the beginning.  I spliced the intro beats with the first beat as I began counting at number one.  Did it make any difference? Well… you be the judge:


Tutorial #2 (Part A): Original unedited interview recording

For this part of the assignment I recorded a 7 minute interview about my husband working as a manager at 7-Eleven.  He talked about the difference between franchised store and corporate store and how the success of the franchisee is dependent on adhering to the corporate strategies.

As a first step, I exported the asset to the Adobe Audition project. Before editing it down I went through the original audio file and made some audio adjustments to make sure the levels are at the normal range.

Following that I created the rough cut that shortened the interview to about 2 minutes and 49 seconds.

Tutorial #2 (Part B): Edited interview recording with introduction (no more than 45 seconds total)

As the last step of the exercise I created a 45-second interview mixdown file. I hope I was able to stay on the topic and still deliver the main idea of the interview.

Here is the snapshot of my final version master file:

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